Big boat (more than 2 people) Registration - Price depending on the number of team mates

You want to participate on a big boat (V3, V6, C9, DB12, DB22, K4, Big SUP, Dragon SUP).

The course is 26Kms. Starting point and arrival at Parc Nautique de l'Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres.

For registration, download the file below in the "Attachements" section, complete it and send it through the form "Contact us". We will send you a personalized link for the paiement.

If you have several boats to register, please send us one file per boat.

Don't forget to send the medical certificates of the non FFCK licensee team mates.

If you don't have the boat, check for renting on the shop or use the form !




Fichier d'inscription FR

Registration file for big boats, french version

Download (45.22k)

Registration file EN

Registration file for big boats, english version

Download (45.15k)

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