Terms of sales of

La TraverSeine 2021


Participant’s commitment

·         To wear his/her bib and safety jacket all along the way.

·         To be able to swim 25m and plunge and attest that every participant of the team is able to swim 25m and plunge.

·         To respect all the safety rules, written or said by the organization.

·         To follow the route set out by the organization, without reducing it by any kind of way, to be sure to prevent any accident.

·         Submit to the protocole in place during the Covid-19 pandemic. The health pass will be necessary to participate.


  • If this regulation is not respected, participants’ responsibility could be committed, the organization’s one could not.

  • The organization of la TraverSeine reserves the right to modify these rules, to cancel or make changes if necessary.

  • The maximum number of participants for the whole competition of the day is set to 750, in chronological order of registrations.

  • The maximum number of boats for the whole competition is set to 500. However, the organization could decide to accept more boats to complete some age or boat categories limited to 750 participants.

  • The last day for registrations is September 11, 2021 for non FFCK licensees, and September 14, 2021 for FFCK licensees, on the online shop. Every registration after this dates will be refused.

  • In case of force majeure (meteorological or navigation conditions that cannot ensure the security of the event, authorities’ decision …) the organization reserves the right to cancel the event.

  • In case of participant’s cancellation, there will be no refund.

  • If the participant does not provide his/her health pass, the participant will not get his/her bib and will not be authorized to participate. In this case, there will be no refund.

  • In case of cancellation from the organization, due to meteorological conditions or authorities’s decision, or any cause independent of the organization, participants will be refunded at 50%.

  • Acceptance of the current regulation implies that the organization can use participant’s picture or video to diffuse them for promotional purposes.


  • The authorized boats categories are Dragon Boat, canoe sprint (K1, K2, K4), Sea boat (K1, OC1, V1, K2, OC2, V3, V6), C9 and open canoe (C1, C2) and Stand-up Paddle (SUP). Flatable boats, except SUP, are authorized, and have to be accepted by the organization at the registration.

  • Participants using their own equipment have to ensure their boat is adapted to the chosen course, to ensure they are able to use it, and to ensure that it is in compliance with the regulations. The organization may refuse to allow a participant to start the ace, if theses rules are not followed.

  • The minimal authorized length of the paddle is 11’. A check will be done at departure.

  • Stocks of boats to rent are limited: first  validated/payed dossiers will have priority.

  • To rent big boats (V6, C9, Dragon Boats or Big SUP (8 people)), or competition boats, please contact us.


  • Competition 26km, starting point and arrival at Parc Nautique de l’Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres, with U-turn at Ile Saint Louis. Open for non beginner paddlers. Obligation for big boats.

  • Discovery 15km, starting point at Port de Bercy, arrival at Parc Nautique de l'Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres. Open for everyone from 14 years old.

  • SUP and youth Competition 15km, starting point at Port de Bercy, arrival at Parc Nautique de l'Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres.

  • Participants in biplace « Biwok » kayak, registered in the Discovery course 15km, have the possibility to participate to the DAG Biwok Challenge (renting possible, to book online before the day of the race, limited stocks).

If participants are registered in this challenge, they cannot register in « normal » K2 category. Participants that rent a boat (50€ for Biwok) and chose the Discovery course 15km are automatically registered in this Challenge.

Particpants to the Challenge must have a competition licence from FFCK (Fédération Française de Canoë-Kayak), or a medical certificate with the competition mention

Conditions of participation, Competition course

  • A medical certificate, less than a year (dated after 09/20/2020), with the competition mention is requested for non 2021 FFCK licensee participants. If this document is not provided, the participant will not be allowed to participate, no refund will be done for this reason.

  • FFCK licensees have to ensure their license is up to date, with the competition mention, from less than a year.

  • For non 2021 FFCK lincensees, a « Titre Canoë Open » will be suscribed by the organization, price included in the registration.

  • Both points above apply for SUP participants who are not FFCK licensees.

  • However for 2021 competition SUP licensees (FFS), no need to medical certificate, the license number has to be provided.

  • Medical certificate has to be sent not later than one week before the race (09/11/2021 at the latest), if the certificate is not provided at this date, the participants in monoplace or biplace kayak will have to run the discovery course 15km. For big boats, if there are some missing certificates, the boat will not be allowed to run the race.

  • Competition is opened from 14 years old (date of birth before September 19, 2007).

  • Young competitors (less than 18 years old, born after 09/20/2003) must have their certificate of “green paddle”.

Conditions of participation, Discovery course

  • For participants registered in the Discovery course, who doesn’t have any 2021 FFCK license, a « Titre Tempo » will be subscribed by the organization, price included in registration.

  • Discovery course is opened from 12 years old (date of birth before 09/19/2009). Young people under 16 years old has to be under the responsibility of an adult.

  • Family category: 2 adults + 1 child between 10 and 12 years old (date of birth between 09/19/2011 and 09/18/2009).

Current regulations


  • Recommanded level for participation is « Green paddle calm water». Steerer of big boats with participants less experimented have to be able to compensate for them. See green paddle definition

  • Safety jacket with CE norms (ISO 12402-5), adapted to the participant’s weight is mandatory.

  • However, for 2021 competition SUP licensees (FFS), equipment authorized by FFS is authorized for the race (neoprene suit or self-inflatable vest worn on the belt). Participants with non competition FFS license have to follow FFCK regulation and wear a safety vest. A check will be done before the start of the race.

  • Closed shoes are mandatory.

  • Disguises allowed if individual security is still ensured.

  • Except for self-bailing boats like surf-ski, Sit On Top or OC2, and of course SUP, each boat has to contain a sufficient reserve of buoyancy, and scoops to be autonomous in case of fall. This is particularly true for big boats like C9 or Dragon Boats.

  • It is strictly forbidden to stop during the race.

  • It is strictly forbidden to bring alcohol in boats and to drink alcohol during the race.

  • Security is ensured by the organization, with the help of the SNSM.

  • Organization could ban a participant or a boat if security for its health or unfolding event is not ensured.

Information on the health risks of a swim in the Seine River

The organization recalls all participants that pathogens are known to be present in the Seine River and so:

·         In case of swimming, it is necessary to take a shower.

·         YOU CAN USE SHOWERS AFTER THE RACE AT THE CLUB HOUSE AT THE BASE NAUTIQUE DE L’ILE DE MONSIEUR (Departure of competition course and arrival of all courses).

·         In case of headache, malaise, in hours or days following the event, it is important to see a doctor and tell him you had a contact with the Seine River water.

·         Extracts from a document of the AGENCE DE SANTE D’ILE DE FRANCE (ARS):

It should be noted among the different types of contamination (non exhaustive list):

- viral infections: viruses questioned are diverse and concerned diseases are predominantly gastro-intestinal, respiratory, ocular,  dermatological  or related to the ENT area in nature. Noroviruses are the most frequent viruses questioned but Adenoviruses, Enteroviruses and A Hepatitis may also be incriminated.

Cryptosporidiosis is a severe intestinal disease induced by a parasite.It causes diarrhea and intense weakness.

Leptospirosis is caused by a bacteria and its incubation period is about ten days (5 to 20 days). Symptoms typically begin with brutal appearance of high fever often associated with pain syndrome (myalgia, headache, arthralgia) and/or digestive disorders.

Bibs and registrations

·         Bibs must be collected on Saturday, at Parc Nautique de l’Ile de Monsieur in Sèvres on presentation of the invoice (received by email), or identity document.

·         No bibs will be sent or given out on Sunday before the race on site of the starting point.

·         Registrations can only by made online with secured payment on our online shop https://traverseine.fr/shop/en/

·         No transfer of registration is allowed for any reason.

·         A deposit of 400€ (check) for rented boat will be required at the bib retrieval. It will be returned to you when giving back the rented boat at the arrival at Parc Nautique de l’Ile de Monsieur in Sèvres. In case of equipment degradation, the participant undertakes to pay for repairs or the price of the boat if it becomes unusable.

·         You will receive a coupon with your bib to take away your rented boat on Sunday morning.


·         As much as possible, participants have to place themselves in start zone according to their performance goal, to ensure faster participants will not be hindered.

·         A bad placement or a false start could result in disqualification by the race jury.

·         The organization could modify the departure times in case of unexpected circumstances.

Race progress

·         Some changes in the direction of navigation are planned during La TraverSeine, participants have to be aware of them (a race briefing will be sent by email to each participant before the race) and have to respect them.

·         To ensure every participants respect the prefectural navigation order of Paris and the prefectural navigation order of the Hauts-de-Seine, the organization could force one or several boats to stop or to be towed and transfer the team on a security boat.


·         The arrival is located on the left riverside, at the dock of the Base Nautique de l’Ile de Monsieur in Sèvres. It will be materialized by buoys.

·         Each participant have to evacuate the dock within 5 minutes of his/her arrival in order not to block the access of the dock for the other participants, and to make the flow of arrival fluid.


·         All participants must make themselves available for a possible doping control as well as a material control