• If this regulation is not respected, participants’ responsibility could be committed, the organization one could not.

  • The maximum number of participants for the whole competition of the day is set to 1000, in chronological order of registrations.

  • The maximum number of boats for the whole competition is set to 600. However, the organization could decide to accept more boats to complete some age or boat categories limited to 1000 participants.

  • The last day for registrations is September 21, 2019 on the online shop. Every registration (in case the number of participants/boats would not be reached) or modification after this date will be subject to acceptance by the organization.

  • The authorized boats categories are : Dragon Boat, canoe sprint (K1, K2, K4), Sea boat (K1, K2, OC2, V6), C9 and Stand-up Paddle (SUP).

  • Discovery 15Kms, starting point at Port de Bercy, arrival at Parc Nautique de l'Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres. Open for everyone from 14 years old. Obligation if boat renting.

  • Competition 26Kms, starting point and arrival at Parc Nautique de l'Ile de Monsieur at Sèvres. Open for non beginner paddlers. Obligation for big boats.

  • Partners Challenges

Participants in biplace « Biwok » kayak have the possibility to participate to the Biwok Challenge (renting possible, to book online before the day of the race, limited stocks).

Participants in monoplace surf-ski Nelo 510 have the possibility to participate to the Nelo Challenge (renting possible, to book online before the day of the race, limited stocks).

If participants are registered in one of these challenges, they cannot register in « normal » K2 or OC1 category. Participants that rent a boat (50€ for Biwok and Sit On Top, 45€ for monoplace boats) are registered in the corresponding Challenge, and will participate to the discovery course.

Particpants to Challenges must have a competition licence from FFCK (Fédération Française de Canoë-Kayak), or a medical certificate with the competition mention.

Stocks of boats to rent are limited: first  validated/payed dossiers will have priority.

  • To rent big boats (V6, C9, Dragon Boats or Big SUP (8 people)), please contact us.

  • Cancellation for meteorological or navigation conditions is possible if security cannot be ensured.

  • Cancellation could be possible from authorities’ decision.

  • If the event is cancelled, participants will be entirely refunded.

  • Refund is case of participant’s cancellation has to be done by sending a letter with pre-paid envelope, with the participant’s address. Refund will be the entire price payed by participant minus 5€. Request has to be send to CDCK92, last day to do it is December 15, 2019.

  • Acceptance of the current regulation implies that the organization can use participant’s picture or video to diffuse them for promotional purposes.

Conditions of participation, competitors

  • A medical certificate, less than a year, with the competition mention is requested for non 2019 FFCK licensee participants. If this document is not provided, the participant will not be allowed to participate, no refund will be done for this reason.

  • For non 2019 FFCK lincensees, a « Tire Canoë Open » will be suscribed by the organization, price included in the registration.

  • Both points above are valids for SUP participants who are not FFCK licensees.

  • However for 2019 competition SUP licensees (FFS), no need to medical certificate, the licence number has to be provided.

  • Competition is open from 14 years old (date of birth before September 29, 2005)

Conditions of participation, non competitors

  • For non competitor participants, who doesn’t have any 2019 FFCK licence, a « Titre Tempo » will be subscribed by the organization, price included in registration.

  • Discovery course is open from 14 years old (date of birth before September 29, 2005)

Current regulations


  • Le niveau recommandé pour la participation est la pagaie verte eau calme. Les barreurs encadrant des équipages moins expérimentés devront être capables de compenser ce déficit d’expérience. Recommanded level for participation is « Green paddle calm water». Steerer of big boats with participants less experimented have to be able to compensate for them. See green paddle definition.

  • Safety jacket with CE norms, adapted to the participant’s weight, and closed shoes are mandatory.

  • However, for 2019 competition SUP licensees (FFS), equipment authorized by FFS is authorized for the race.

  • Both points above will be checked at starting point for SUP.

  • Disguises allowed if individual security is still ensured

  • Except for self-bailing boats like surf-ski, Sit On Top or OC2, and of course SUP, each boat has to contain a sufficient reserve of buoyancy, and scoops to be autonom in case of fall. This is particularly true for big boats like C9 or Dragon Boats.

  • Security is ensured by the organization, with the help of the SNSM.

  • Organization could ban a participant or a boat if security for its health or unfolding event is not ensured.