La Traverseine - un week-end de découvertes et d’animations sportives autour des sports de pagaies, aux portes de Paris, ouvert à tous. Sur la ligne de départ, 300 embaractions sur l'eau (Canoe-kayak, pirogues, dragon-boat, canoe C9, Stand up Paddle. Venez y participer le 28 et 29 Septembre 2019 !
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You want to participate to La Traverseine 2020

The event

La Traverseine, cross Paris by the Seine









The program

2 days for an exceptionnal event, open to everyone

Saturday, 19th September / Preparation - Animation

The program of the 2020 edition will be available soon, here is the program of the 2019 edition.

In Paris:

10.30am to 6pm Boats drop off (Port de Bercy)

In Sèvres:

10.30am to 6pm Boats drop off for Competition course 26km
Trailer parking
2pm to 6.30pm Bib retrieval at Parc Nautique de l’île de Monsieur, in Sèvres
2pm Opening of the village of La TraverSeine 2019
From 2pm Tests of partners equipments (DAG, Nelo)
From 2pm Environment workshop
2pm to 6pm Nautical animations for everyone (from 6 years old)
3pm to 6pm Prolog with stand up paddle and kayak monoplace
7pm Race briefing (Mandatory for team leader)
7.30pm Cocktail
8pm Provision of a room for a convivial dinner where everyone will bring a speciality from their region (no diner managed by the organisation)

More information

Sunday, 20th September / Races...

The program of the 2020 edition will be available soon, here is the program of the 2019 edition.

In Sèvres:

5am Breakfast at Parc Nautique de l’Ile de Monsieur
6am Bus departure from Cristallerie de Sèvres (last departure 6.15am)
6.30am Boats launching and boarding
7.30am Start of La TraverSeine Compétition course 26 km

In Paris:

7am to 7.45am Boats launching and boarding at Port de Bercy (after 7.45am, the organization could forbid you to start the race)
8am Start of La TraverSeine Discovery course and SUP Compétition course 15km
10am End of the navigational authorization in Paris

In Sèvres:

9.15am Arrival of first boats
10.30am Snack offered to participants.
12pm Podiums and prize distribution
1pm Lunch (if booked and payed at the registration)

More information

3 courses

 Discovery 15 km – Competition 26 km – Youth & SUP Competition 15 km

Don’t forget

Complementary and important information to ensure everyone will enjoy la TraverSeine

The paddler Guide

Bib retrieval, starting point and arrival sites…

Bib retrieval, starting point and arrival sites, helpful hints… To read to ensure everyone enjoy the event.

The paddler Guide of the 2020 edition will be available soon.


To become a volunteer

All kind of jobs, in all times

You would like to help as a volunteer during a part of or the whole weekend, 19th & 20th September

E-SHOP of La TraverSeine

Registration, boat renting…

Registration, boats renting.

Bus, Sunday lunch…